Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We welcomed a new artist member to TAODA last Saturday:  Jocelyn Gracza.  Jocelyn lives in Texas now but for the past 25 years has lived in Budapest, Hugary.  She creates beautiful cloth dolls with vintage fabrics, trims and laces that she finds in the Budapest flea markets.  We were all drooling over the gorgeous costuming of the dolls she brought for show and tell!
Gwynne Ross gave a wonderful program on creating a very sturdy as well as pretty box for your doll, which is perfect timing with all of our fall/winter show opportunities coming up.
Speaking of which, your dolls going to the Sugar Land Art Fest, as well as your Quilt Festival dolls are due at the next meeting, October 11.  Questions about Art Fest should be directed to Sally Stevenson: sallystevenson@gmail.com.  Questions about Quilt Festival should be directed to Beth Casper: casperbeth@aol.com

The Prospectus and Entry forms are now available for our December show at 18 Hands Gallery.  Those are attached here. The Prospectus and  the Entry Form
Happy creating!