Upcoming Programs for 2015

February 2015   Janet Bodin,  Projected Doll Images from Professional Doll Makers at Past                                                Conventions


January 2015  Attending MembersPreparations for Hands on                                                                                                    Houston Project 

In lieu of our monthly program, attending members worked diligently cutting out papers and images and others materials for our Hands on Houston project. A free craft-activity open house for kids at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Saturday, February 7, 2015.
Thanks everyone for your hard work!!!


October 2014   Joyce Patterson, Tips on Making a Miniature Quilt for your Dol

Joyce Patterson was so inspiring and an amazing cloth doll artist. She is very creative, productive and a great finder of small treasures.  She showed us her resources and tools and provided us with a wealth of ideas for making and displaying miniature quilts for dolls.


August 2014   Marsha Krohn, Making a Doll Base

Marsha showed us how to make a base for a doll and the importance of adding weight for balance


April 2014   NEVA WALDT, Armatures

As usual Neva Waldt held the members attention with her marvelous sense of humor and incredible talent for doll making. She led the group in creating a pipe cleaner structure demonstrating her method for creating an accurate armature. She also spoke on the importance of balance in the creation of any doll.


March 2014  JOANN LUCO, Felting Hair

JoAnn demonstrates how to felt hair 
JoAnn Luco gave a very informative demonstration on how to felt hair for a doll. She makes it look so easy that everyone shold give it a try. Thanks JoAnn.

If you are interested in felting supplies, KARYN JEWELL recommends an online store called Felt Alive.  Wow, check out their amazing website!!


November 2013 MARSHA KROHN, How to Make Your Trim

Marsha demonstrates
how to make trim
Thank you Marsha Krohn for a great program last Saturday on "How to Make Your Own Trim (to Match Your Doll's Outfit)". Full of great tips, tricks and techniques!.


October 2013

NEVA WALDT demonstrated our new Epson projector by showing us various source devices that could be connected (smart phone photos, tablet, laptop, DVD, etc.) and the cables that each needed. She showed photos of work by NIADA artists on her phone and, from her tablet, a YouTube video on sculpting the aging process by Philippe Faraut. 


September 2013  CAROLYN CRUMP,  Quilted Art

For Carolyn Crump, a quilt is not a bed spread - it’s a canvas. She creates multi-medium quilts and uses them as a means to tell stimulating stories that defy common boundaries. Born in Detroit, Ms. Crump left to pursue the fine arts. Working with a plethora of mediums, Crump defines multi-talented. For more information go to


July 2013 

July 13, 2013   *   10:00 am   *   Looscan Library, 2510 Willowick


June 2013  JOYCE PATTERSON, Creative Costuming

Joyce gave an energetic program on costuming.  She showed us how she creates patterns and uses an array of colored fabrics.  Joyce says that much of her inspiration comes from the fabric and from tiny store bought shoes and accessories.  Many of her doll’s shoes are Christmas tree ornaments. 


May 2013  TINA FORSTER, Embellishing the Doll

TINA uses lots of batik fabrics and hand sews using silk and metallic threads.  She uses the techniques of appliqué and reverse appliqué in her fabrics to create flat dolls.  Beautiful, soft and intricate!  Thank you Tina!


April 2013  DONNA MILSTEINWhat Galleries Are Looking For

Donna Milstein - What Galleries  Look For
To view Ms Milstein's presentation click on the following link.


March 2013  Janet Bodin, Organizing a Gallery Show 

Whether you are considering your own gallery show or are interested in assisting with a TAODA gallery show, Janet ran through the step-by-step process based on her many years of show experience.


February 2013  Annette Money,  Costuming

Annette brought us some basic clothing patterns and examples of clothes and posing she has pulled from magazines.  She gave us some incredible tips on creating costumes and posing for our dolls.  Annette often likes to exaggerate the clothes.  To make her dolls more interesting, she creates dolls that are “doing something” and not just standing there. 


January 2013  Angela Jarecki, Beading

Angela taught demonstrated several of her beading techniques, she brought a small project for each member to work on.

December 2012

The annual TAODA Christmas Party was held at Gwynne Ross's home. 


November 2012

Angela Jarecki - TAODA Committees
Angela facilitated a member discussion on the need for TAODA committees, bothe those already in existence and new ones to establish.


October 2012

Sally Stevenson - Members Survey
Sally reported on the various kinds of information and fascinating trends she had found in analyzing responses to the TAODA survey. Twenty-one members responded—a remarkable turnout, according to Sally—and their answers enable Sally to report that TAODA has fulfilled the goals set out at the group’s founding. She says we are now at a place to make a decision whether to continue as we are or to set new goals.


September 2012

THERESA MAY - Fools Gold and Other Fabulous Finishes
Theresa demonstrated a line of finish products called Swellegant which can make almost any material look like metal.


August 2012

All Members were asked to bring a Tool or Product that they use for doll making and to briefly explain how they use it.

KARIN-OTTO-BURFICT -  Recommends Creative Paperclay over any other paper clay.
N. ANNETTE MONEY – Plaster Casting which is pliable when wet and hard when dry.
BETH AKIN – Needle Threader purchased at any sewing store really works.
MARSHA KROHN – Plumbers Putty from hardware works like clay but dries rock hard.
SALLY STEVENSON– Uses her Computer for doll research and communication.
JANET BODIN – Sobo Glue to make fingernails on dolls.
GWYNNE ROSS – Aluminum Tape from hardware anytime you use foil and need it to stick.
Cut the finger from a Kid Leather Glove to use as a Thimble.
NEVA WALDT – Alligator Clips without teeth from Radio Shack to hold things together while drying.
THERESA MAY – Electric Meat Carver to cut all types of foam, Wood Skewers to stabilize projects, Rubber Tipped Brushes for clay work, Tiny Rasp File, Tiny Clay Loop and Wood Burnisher for intricate clay work.
DONNA SIMS – Uses her ipad for all her doll research and communication, a Zipcord for cordless applications and a Square to charge customers credit cards.
ANGELA JARECKI – Uses her ipod touch for her research. She photographs fabric at stores and sends the images to herself. She has the Hobby Lobby app. and receives store coupons.

November 2011

Mary Wiggins, Exploring and Improving Strengths and Weaknesses in Doll making

December 2011

Holiday Party: Hosted by Gwynne Ross

January 2011

Gwynne Ross and Neva Waldt, Photographing Your Work