Monday, April 20, 2015

I want to encourage everyone to come out and see TAODA at the Museum Experience at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, 4848 Main Street, on Saturday, April 25, 10-5.  See craft demonstrations throughout the day by various artists guilds including TAODA!
If you missed the meeting today, we had some great show and tell, as always:  wonderful pieces in person, plus TAODA dolls in the media,  and TAODA artists winning awards.  For our program, we watched part of a fantastic dvd on costuming (thank you Sally Stevenson!).
There was a lot of great discussion at the TAODA meeting today.  One of the things we talked about is our 2016 show at the Brazosport Art League, and the artists that will show their paintings on the walls and how it will coordinate with our dolls.  There are some really exciting ideas and possibilities with this.  Stay tuned for more info to come from show chairs Sally Stevenson and Joyce Patterson.
Once again TAODA has been invited to participate with an exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston (October 2015).  We decided Block Party III would be our theme (dolls with a quilt block used somewhere in the piece) and Neva Waldt graciously agreed to coordinate the exhibit.  Insurance forms are due in August and we decided that we would ask for the dolls to be due then as well.  This will hopefully encourage everyone to get busy and get their doll finished in plenty of time. 
Don't forget that our elections take place next month, so please plan to attend the meeting to vote and show your support for our new officers.  One position that will need to be filled is that of Historian.  Our long time historian, Annette Money, announced today that she is stepping down from that position.  Annette has done a wonderful job as historian for TAODA for many years and we are all very grateful for the work she has done.  A proposal was made, and unanimously passed to make Annette an honorary lifetime member of TAODA!  Please thank Annette the next time you see her for her years of service.  If you are interested in serving TAODA as historian, please contact me:  or you can call Annette to find out what is involved.
Don't forget to come see us at HCCC April 25, and I'll look forward to seeing you all at the May meeting.
Janet Bodin

Thursday, February 26, 2015

We had a great meeting at the Sugar Land Art Center!  We voted to continue meeting there.  The Center has a lovely gallery, and there will be opportunities for us to participate in shows.  There are other artists giving workshops in other classrooms, and a couple of artists stopped in to see what we were doing and admire the dolls and ask questions.  The meeting room is spacious, with a large sink which will enable us to have more hands on programs and workshops.  All in all this will be a positive move for TAODA. 

We discussed upcoming opportunities including The Museum Experience (formerly known as Gathering of the Guilds) which will take place on Saturday, April 25 at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.  If you would like to sign up for a three hour shift from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. or2:00-5:00 p.m. please email me.  It's a fun event.

Our gallery show this year will be in December at the Galveston Art League.  Our resident wordsmith Theresa May came up with a wonderful title for our show:  Word Takes Form.  This can be interpreted in many ways:  a doll inspired by a poem, a quote, a book, or even a thought.  Contact Marsha Krohn for more information about that show.

Our 2016 gallery show will be at the Brazosport Center for Arts and Sciences.  The show will run the last week in April through the last week in May.  Joyce Patterson and Sally Stevenson will be the show coordinators.    It's a very large gallery and we will need lots and lots of dolls so it's not too early to start working towards that show!

Janet Bodin

Thursday, January 29, 2015

We had a productive (albeit small) TAODA meeting today despite the nasty weather which kept a number of members from attending.

There were several points of business which need your input.  First of all, TAODA will provide the craft activity at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft on Saturday, Feb. 7.  Over 400 children are expected to attend.  We need many TAODA volunteers to help with this event!  The hours are 11-3.  Please email me if you can help any time that day.  

Next, I am happy to say that Marsha Krohn (, Joyce Patterson ( and JoAnn Luco ( have all agreed to serve on the nominating committee.  If you have an interest in being an officer in TAODA, please contact these ladies and let them know!  Elections will be held in May.

Marsha Krohn is our Gallery Show Chairman for 2015.  We will have our gallery show at the Galveston Art League in December.  Please send Marsha your ideas for show title/theme.

Finally, we have been offered a show at the Brazosport Art League in Clute sometime in 2016.  Before we commit to this venue we need to know that we will be able to fill the gallery with approximately 60-70 dolls!  This means that we will need at least 15 people participating with at least 4 dolls each.  We will also need a show chairman.  Please email me if you can  plan to participate in the show and also if you are interested in chairing the show.  Time is of the essence - we need to give our answer to the gallery next month!

Lots of great things are on the horizon for TAODA - stay tuned!