Saturday, November 13, 2010

MaryWig's Fabulous Web Tips

TAODA Program: November 12. 2010WEB RESOURCES FOR DOLL ARTISTS By goofy non-expert MaryWig { }
Blogging platforms: pick one you can get along with or use Tumblr, the “short style blog”
Book: Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey {also, go to the library for Blogging for Dummies, etc.}
Magazine: Artful Blogging ->  
A quick drive around the internet reveals…
Inspiration {it makes me feel international even if I never leave houston } {sweet with a touch of darkness} {makes me feel cool about handmade stuff} {sewing as artform…I feel a gallery showing coming on…} {I’m such a world traveler} {the world of clothespin dolls, who knew?} {can I have a job here? And the wee cute video!}
Design resourcesGoogle: free blog templates or go to:
Techniques/Craft organizations {be a handmade evangelist} {fun fun site} {I like stepping into the interior design world}
Make your own Fabric! {why not put your doll pattern on fabric?}
Ribbon {in case you didn’t get to Quilt Fest}
Interested in selling on Etsy? Here’s a free tutorial {check the right hand column}
What else can you do with your doll? {hmmm, she looks familiar}
Easiest way to dress up photos for your blog {takes a bit of playing around but worth it}
Join groups with similar interests for inspiration and to blog about {I’m just figuring out how to really use it}

Recommended by Donna:
Learn to take advantage of Flickr’s groups to further your contacts… {we can find more people to join our doll TRIBE!}
Don’t know how to do something in Elements? There’s a tutorial for everything
Don’t forget Google and YouTube {how to knit a cable stitch}
Common UseFind out about copyright issues and common use – tools to protect your work
There is NOTHING you can’t find or figure out how to do online, given enough time…and if you get frustrated, or something doesn’t work, STEP BACK and forget about it. Go work on a doll for Pete’s sake!