Saturday, June 14, 2014

I want to thank everyone who came to the TAODA meeting today.  We had some great Show & Tell and I enjoyed giving the program on Making and Setting Handmade Eyes in Cloth Dolls.  Thank you Tere Perry for pitching in and taking the minutes.

We had some good discussion also.  It was decided that because it was so well received last year,our Quilt Festival exhibit this year will be titled Block Party II, with the same theme which is to incorporate a quilt block in the doll you make.  Beth Casper is taking the sign up list, so please get in touch with her about making a doll for this show.  Insurance forms are due August 1. 

There are still a few tickets available for the ODACA Day luncheon,Wednesday, July 16 at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort in San Antonio.  The souvenir doll, which each luncheon attendee will receive, is by our own Angela Jarecki!  Reason enough to attend right there!  There will also be a centerpiece doll for each table, which one lucky person at each table will win.  There will be many raffle dolls which you can buy tickets for.  Plus an artists sale before and after the luncheon.  It should be a fabulous day!  You can find all the information and buy tickets on the ODACA website:
Some TAODA members are talking about carpooling and going just for the day.  Linda Butler has offered to drive.  If you are interested in going for the day, contact Linda:

Finally, I need your input about the July TAODA meeting.  Because of summer vacations and other commitments, we voted not to have an "official" business meeting in July.  However, we do have the library meeting room reserved (10 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, July 12
 at the Looscan Library).  If there is enough interest, there can still be an informal meeting with show and tell, perhaps working on projects, and general visiting.  Please let me know by the end of this month if you are interested in attending an informal meeting at the library in July.  If there is not enough interest I will cancel the meeting room.

We will definitely be back in full strength at the August 9 meeting.  We should have some wonderful show and tell with all of those doll conventions this summer!  Bring your dolls from ODACA, UFDC, ADAA, and those you plan to take to NIADA.  Marsha Krohn will present our program: How to Build a Pedestal. Marsha says, "With this technique you can make a pedestal any size to suit your doll, whether she will stand on it or sit on it or even recline on it! Decorate it to suit your theme."

Stay cool, have fun and be creative!

Janet Bodin