Friday, August 5, 2011

A report on ADAA from Marilynn Huston

I would also like to report on the ADAA show from a teachers standpoint.  It was an amazing show and it opened my vision to the direction that dolls are taking.  The mixed-media category was fantastic.  There were so many wonderful cloth dolls too. The show room, I think had about 1000 dolls and if you took time to look at each one, there were so many wonderful techniques that one could learn.
The TAODA table always had interested people wanting to learn about our club and dollmakers.  The everglowing Theresa, Yoanna, and Neva were always there for an answer.  We did great on our set-up and the dolls just looked exquisite in their display.
My classes were fantastic.  The students were so willing to learn and we had so many great dolls that were made in my sculpt an adult character face class.  But, the hit of my classes was the Escargot.  I had 12 students in my class and we had 12 wonderful results.  The colors and the textures and the faces were fantastic and everyone finished their project.  That to me was wonderful.

 -Marilynn Huston