Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NEWS Flash!

TAODA Membership dues are due NOW (Dues must be paid or dolls cannot be shown).
INTERNATIONAL QUILT FESTIVAL forms must be in to the IQF by JULY 23.
H.C.C.C. Dolls Now
1.  Janet should already have your TAODA entry form and fee.
2.  Packaging is important!  Dolls must be well packaged in a box with a picture, your name, title and any special instructions.
3.  Dolls must be labeled with your name and title on the bottom.
4.  Each doll must be accompanied by the HCCC loan Agreement and Condition Statement.  Without these, a doll will not be shown
5.  Each artist is responsible for delivering their own dolls to HCCC unless other arrangements were made.
6.  Deliver dolls to the HCCC receptionist JULY 20-24 between 10:00 am and 5:00.
Thanks to Gywnne Ross for the reminders!